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Barcelona Urban Innovation Platform presented

The platform is made up of a hundred people from the governing bodies from the Fundació BIT Habitat.

Plataforma Innovació Ciutadana
22/06/2021 - 13:15 h - Drets Digitals Ajuntament de Barcelona

The goal is to structure, coordinate, increase and assess the impact of urban innovation processes and promote a change in the innovative culture of the administration.

The commitment to boost innovation in Barcelona is the result of a joint creation process between people from the platform, which sets out their shared vision for innovation, who and what it must serve, and their commitment to promoting it in the city of Barcelona.

The agreement is to drive projects and processes which use innovation to:

  • Strive for social inclusion and generate opportunities without leaving anybody behind.
  • Back digital humanism where technology serves people.
  • Promote education and training opportunities, the attraction and retention of talent and the promotion of a plural, diverse and sustainable economic fabric.
  • Help fight the climate emergency and foster urban resilience.
  • Guarantee the right to the city.

The members of the platform pledge to collaborate productively and honestly, to bring in new perspectives and visions from a cross-cutting perspective and to regularly rethink the structures, priorities and processes for addressing the needs, demands and aspirations of people living and working in Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

A working commission has been created for digital inclusion and access to internet use, the goal being to design and implement measures to tackle inequalities in the digital sphere in a coordinated and cross-cutting way.

Plataforma Innovació Ciutadana Plataforma Innovació Ciutadana